March 9, 2022








So afraid to fail,

I hide behind the veil,

I am fighting to prevail.

you can’t win if your losing it in your head.

My dreams are so big they scare me,

don’t want to live a life that’s ordinary…

Bury my enemies with success,

I played them like a game of chess.

Nevertheless I did what they said I could not do,

now who is looking like a fool?  

He was the pain in my scar,

I uprise after the dark,,

in this new era I will leave my mark.

you were destined to break me,

only then could I create a different version of me

one that no one could defeat…






In Conclusion:

There is nothing more to fear  than fear itself. 

After the destruction comes the reconstruction.

What life will you build for yourself?


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