The Dreamer

May 31, 2021

  The Dreamer







The poor man’s peace is the rich man’s desire.

Hungry for the green, not the paper you seek.

The tree is the air that you breathe

I’m missing the sea, time after time it calls out to me.

I lose myself in the dream trying to revision my reality

they call me a dreamer yet I am always awake

I face my challenges  as I try to stay in his grace

 only God can judge me

Karma turned into my friend, I learned from my mistakes

my tears have paved the way, it was then when I found my strength.

May you catch your Dreams when you awake.


In Conclusion:

The dream is built inside of you for a reason, it is time to start bringing it to life, and push yourself to strive. May the stars align inside your mind. It is there where you will began to feel alive. I read a meme that inspired me it said Where your dreams recide is where you will find true happiness.   

What do you dream?

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