The Gazelle

April 6, 2022

Life is a cycle where everything comes full circle,

when a beautiful gazelle is in the lions grasp

she has no choice but to be still as death consumes her.

The lion  gives her one last kindness,

as he sinks his teeth in her veins, 

waiting for her to perish before he eats her.

Never underestimate the element of surprise, 

perhaps in her past life she was the lion.

Energy never dies it transforms.

At times we pay the karma from a past life in this one.

It is when we find peace that the universe can hear us.

Sometimes our enemies can become our greatest weapon.

where fear ends is where life begins…






In Conclusion:

 We must be like the gazelle patient and transparent,

Unafraid of beautiful death

only then can we transform.

Are you the lion or the gazelle?













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