June 16, 2022








He implanted the thought in my mind.

Is this realm real?

or perhaps a less fucked up version of the real one

 we are puppets in a safe of time, locked in a dome as an experiment.

our only purpose is to enjoy life and learn he said, 

we looked at the ocean a mirage,

digitally enhanced for our viewing pleasure.

He had taken  DMT a few times in his room,

he had gone on a voyage of the mind he was ripped apart from this realm 

and when he returned his mind was altered he was convinced we were avatars in this world

and insect like aliens in another.

I became obsessed with his experience.

you see he was born with a strange autism, he did not lie he was the most authentic human I’ve ever met.

He took DMT and he had a revelation in his mind,

he was never the same, yet nothing had changed he was always kind of strange…

Perhaps it is real who knows?

Part of me is curious and part of me is afraid,

I think I will stay away 

at least for now…






In Conclusion:

DMT  not even a drug, more like a cerebral experiment that takes you to an alter frequency.

The spirit molecule some might say.

Would you enter another vortex and risk your sanity?

Iam still debating on that voyage,

for now I will see it through his words.

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