Red Flag

July 2, 2022







He is a red flag, walking talking breathing, the pattern you keep repeating.

he disappears when you miss him and reappears when your  over him

time to  starve the patterns,

time to take back the power…

better alone than in bad company.

He is the red flag of inconsistency.

better you accept that instead of insisting. 

He is the red flag you shouldn’t ignore,

our time here is too short.

He is the red flag let him go..







In Conclusion:

We need to stop ignoring what people show us and accept it.

To ignore a red flag is to accept it.  

There is nothing more valuable than time.

Wasted time is just as bad as wasted money

why repeat the lesson you learned?

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


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