Fallen Goddess

October 7, 2021


Iam facetious a bit devious an angel and a vigilante a fallen goddess, a mother who knows her power.

I drank the wine and aged finer. I preserved my youth as I watched you age in disgrace.

Now you get to live in regret, I conquered and left, I do more than invade,

Demoted from grace to fallen, I keep the balance walking in the light as well as the shadows,

I cannot defeat the enemy without knowing his powers.

I was the innocent, but the world wanted a deviant, so I found a good medium, becoming more than the previous.

Iam the bad guy, not by choice, got to give the people what they implore, that’s how I take back control,

bringing the era of the goddess to the new world, reminding them what was forgotten.

The world needed a hybrid, they  root for the villain.

That’s how I became, yet I never lost my way, only then could I slay 

making  a change, empowering us once again…

 In Conclusion:

Never compromise your worth or value,

Never compromise your principal,

We lose ourselves in finding our strength, we play the role society wants.

In the end we must own our power and take control.

Only when we are lost,  can we find our way.

 “Know your worth and they can never play you” …


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