The Wolf

October 3, 2021










The beginning of the end is here you shall see,

and you shall hear.

too much in the way and  looking back now,

I was lost and

then I was found.

I will master my destiny,

taking control through my mind,

and all is devine 

It will be in Gods’ time.

So take a seat and watch me shine,

as he set a table for my enemies,

allowing them to feast on their defeat. 

When I walk they  will tremble by my feet…

Yes you may have the best seat,

watching me exceed,

while you choose to be sheep.

I was the wolf you never noticed,

I wore your costume and it was prefect.

until the moon came out to play,

          Step in wolf

  now the real me is.  exposed…



In Conclusion:

We are all good or bad in someones story,

Never underestimate my worth.

I am the Sleeping Soldier.

your foe or ,

the mesiash of the underworld…

“If You fight me you we will die like many vampires before you”…

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