May 6, 2021

The trees begin to dance with the wind, and  with it comes the rain it washes my pain and I’m cleansed again, I Am  a mother to my cubs I am  the

cheetah  fearless, strong, alone… a force to be reckoned, an enemy to the wicked. I traveled the lands through hot and cold, hunting for survival

and watching my cubs grow, they are the force that drives me day by day pain became my weapon.

Iam the keeper of all mysteries, The sun burned through me all day and the night became my comfort.

Never ran from a battle, I was the light in the shadows.

I buried my past so my future could grow I allowed the pain to consume me till there was no more

fearless is what I became…

I was born to conquer…


In conclusion: 

Being alone makes you stronger you learn to master yourself, and you focus on the things that matter the most, your kids your family, your Dreams. Embrace being fierce and brave on your own. Go after your Dreams and live



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