March 27, 2021

I find pieces of me in the shadows I left behind,

I was born to shine.

I waited for the stars to align,

It was then when I discovered the meaning of time,

the pieces of memories we leave behind…

I traveled in time only to find the destruction of life

 the fate of an era I left behind…

I destroy and create different versions of me, 

Only then could I breathe, becoming something more than a dream,

Adaptation in full speed, you cannot become if you do not see.

Evolving into a force

Becoming one in the new world…

Convinced Iam crazy,

 never deny wisdom and words,

My story is foretold,

chasing the shadows of centuries ago, 

Even my shadow fades in  the dark ,

The truth is locked somewhere in my mind…





In Conclusion:

Do you believe in time travel? 

If you could go back in time would you take the ride?





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