June 17, 2021



I often dream of an endless paradise

the pure, the devine, where everyone is kind.

my piece of heaven, a true sanctuary.

where the sun shines through the waters, 

We enjoy the healing  as the water strokes our skin

 The waves crash form fast to slow

 A place where the earth heals us as we admire the simplicity of its beauty

  the fear of what lies below, the strange of the unknown

  she is beautiful and dangerous 

My boys laugh the hours go buy and they remain in the water,

they have created a world of their own.

  they hide in plain site, 

this is my paradise..

that is what defines it the borrowed time, the place we leave behind

the place we promise to return.



In conclusion:

It is in those limited moments where we heal and our memories are made I once read something

Where you’re  dreams reside is where you will find true paradise.

what is your paradise?





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