The Garden

July 1, 2021


The Garden is beauty and life

 each flower  represents a memory.

The lily, a memory of a jaded innocence from past to future.

The white rose with it the memory of Death surrounded by roses and mourners.

The orchid a sweet memory of innocence 

The red rose a symbol of lust and seduction it is timeless

 These memories hit me like an euphoria with its toxic smells that brings me sad and happy moments.

In the Garden I walk, I breathe, I caress the roses and flowers. I devour its essence, I adore its beauty

In the Garden that was once of Eden and now its simply “The Garden.”

In Conclusion:

The garden is a place of warmth and healing to be at one with the earth and the beautiful things that grow from the dirt each one of these flowers represent a moment in our lives, like walking in a timeline of moments. What flower represent a sacred moment in your life?






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