The Cursed

May 9, 2024







The story of the cursed takes place many centuries ago.

A demon fell in love with a sweet Goddess,

 When she rejected him 

He unleashed his curse,

sending the goddess to a place and time

Where her power was lost.

A place he knew she could never understand, 

Forcing her to be alone, she would feel his pain.

Maybe even make her evil,

this he prayed. 

Unworthy to ever find true love.

It became,

the goddess was lost.

She became part of the damned

Losing her heart, making her an ice queen.

She was bitter, and full of grief 

No man survived her three date curse.

 On a cold December day,

She met him, 

She would be a perfect victim 

Or so he thought, 

Unaware she saw through his lies,

still she played her part. 

No doubt he was charming, and  charismatic, 

loving and romantic.

I will call him “new years eve guy ” 

He, was full of optimism and hope, 

funny and handsome 

But his intentions would unravel, 

they way he looked at her

She was almost deceived 

She almost believed he could be the one,

 And as we know men never fail to disappoint.

She had seen it many times before.

No man could  break her three date curse.

This was fates revenge no doubt,

placing her in a century of the damned. 

 by the second date she loses interest. 

She doesn’t want something borrowed,

nor the lies or perversions that follow.

They all become sex driven and shallow.

What they fail to see is she’s the wolf dressed up as a sheep.

Let the games begin 

They are all easy prey.

The conversation is good,

 Alcohol his weapon of choice 

Little does he knows she holds the control.

the time has come,

The night is dark

a full moon appears from the sky,

the wolf is out.

Time to feed the flesh.

I see it in your eyes this is the end.

She devours  him,

A  perfect ending 

To a perfect date.  

For when the dawn arrives

 the magic is gone,

play time is over.

I shall call him “My New years eve guy. ” 

I am the Barbie you don’t get to fuck with.

Prey eating prey.

Your no different than the rest

my curiosity always proves my point. 

So I decided what the hell, 

Amuse me, you got one more date. 

Nevertheless you all fail my test,

You’re no different than the man before and the one that will follow 


It was fun watching you play the jester.

Your actions forged your fate.

And still I won the game.

Final memory.

You are just another beautiful toy.

Farewell New years eve guy

now I am bored.

back to the darkness I go,

In to the shallow, 




This is my truth.

I live off that memory for

awhile, until the hunger returns.

Time to find a new obsession,

Find a new toy.

Time to feed the wolf.

And repeat it again,

Collecting names I will forget 

And faces I will never see again.

In a century that is damned.

I am the forsaken, 

the cursed,

The empty…










In Conclusion

What is taken for granted will be taken away.

For shallow beginnings have a short end.

It is the curse of  those with a beautiful soul that no one will ever truly know.

Humans get distracted by feeding their flesh, and they don’t see what they’ve missed. 

Leaving behind their morals and their souls empty.

blinding them from the real masterpiece.

The beauty of the soul.

If you could travel back in time

Would you do anything different if you only had one chance?





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