March 31, 2024










My whole life I waited for him, unsure if he existed  “my soulmate” 

Only the chosen,  pure of heart are ordained to create  something so beautiful it was split in two., 

one made from the body of the other,

destined to find each other and become whole again. 

  The one they call


Holding on to the hope I am one of the chosen. 

The search begins… 

Many years go by and still nothing.

Only Lust and the idea of him.

I began to feel hopeless, 

Perhaps this is not destined for me. 

Too much time had gone by,

half way through my life, 

He never showed up,

I never found him,

I never felt Love. 

I had no “soulmate” 

Until one-day I realized love was with me, and never left my side.  

Perhaps not a soulmate like I imagined, 

  The love of my children… 

I was gifted with three beautiful boys that had all my love and I theirs.

 It was my destiny to create good men, who would fulfill the prophecy.

They would take all that love and give it to someone special oneday, so purley humanity would be glorified and cleansed.

They would create a “soulmate” for a special girl. 

When the “one” finds you, everything shall flow effortlessly it will feel like dé jà vu.

Until then we walk through this masquerade,

collecting names we will forget, 

until we are united again with the “one” we are ment to meet

over again in this life and the next… 












In Conclusion:

True love, is whole when the chosen find the other half of their soul,

Nothing can break or corrupt. 

True love unites and create a story worthy it lives on. 

It Defines what it is to be human… 

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