The sons of time

October 29, 2021






Don’t grow up so fast stay innocent as long as you can.

It seemed like yesterday the years caught up, faster than we could run.

Our eyes are open yet we sleep, like the rocks you once threw in the creek.

from your first tooth to first step,  and not before long there were two of you

more to love  I watch you grow, and with it leaving my twenty’s behind

And when i thought I mastered motherhood so came the third boy

The army grew and I was the sergeant. 

A one man show played by a woman in a mans world.

Under paid, overlooked, as controversy surrounds  me.

Not quite began my forty but almost leaving my thirties

and you continue to grow more and more I hear it in your voice

my little boy, time has consumed us both.

what is life? but a song we dance till our feet grow tired.

Iam the testimony to your story as you are mine

you are the sons of my time.










In conclusion:

 The responsibility of motherhood is never perfect, but consistency makes a difference

Time is the true uncertainty and we waste it so freely

live in the moment before it becomes a memory

the gift is living in the present.

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