Gypsy Queen

November 14, 2021


I find myself somewhere in between heaven and hell

not born a day breaker however not a moon child,

somewhere in between the two where light ends and darkness begins…

they meet in the middle and say their farewells.

Never belonged here nor there, however I adapt everywhere.

oblivious of my powers I hide amongst the commoners.

I await the time to claim my throne

evolved into a perfect combination of humble and savage in human form.

My pain and tears have paved the way. I always new my triumph was ordained to be your gypsy queen

in this life and the next.. 

In Conclusion:

Stuck in between two worlds the past and the present.

do we re live the history from a past life or do we chase the mirage?

Do you believe in time travel?

What illusion do you seek?

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