February 28, 2022








A pain of explosion has come your way death, fire, and fear as people are being separated  to different destinations.

families torn apart as some flee to the nearest border to find safety, while others walk towards a scarier fate you are now a soldier ,as the reality of war has hit home with every meaning of the word. No time for training just courage and honor as you defend your land against invasion you honor those who died without mercy so people know Ukrainians are worth fighting for.

Be brave I stand with you in heart. I feel your pain.

Stay strong Ukraine your fate will not be at the hands of a Russian  fool he has reveled himself as the reincarnation of  another fucked up version of Adolf he is the reaper that entertains his dying ego. As he slowly begins to perish from the earth he has chosen to bring a plague of death creating war. 

History teaches us that war is inevitable,created at the hands of man, we hold the key to our own destruction. 

Stay strong Ukraine this to shall pass…

In Conclusion:

History always repeats itself the only thing that changes are the characters they are but pawns playing the part re living the role they were reincarnated for.  The forces of light and darkness must find a balance or the world will come to an end. 

After recovering from the effects of a pandemic Ukraine  is now facing the chaos of an invasion as they become the target in Putin’s evil and obscene plot. I would like to say I stand with Ukraine, may God be with you.

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