February 10, 2022








Change  is a mystery we should welcome without fear.

A butterfly must first suffer as a worm before it transforms,

science is a jurisdiction of evolution.

maturity is a conscience state of mind

that produces fruits of stability and peace.

we remember pain because it gives us strength,

an ending is a new beginning, 

A butterfly spends its whole life in a cacoon, 

Isolated from the world, 

It does not see its own worth.

After all its just a worm,

Or so it was till it transitioned to something more,

It never knew its potential until it awoke, leaving its old life behind. 

And now it can fly…

Some people are like butterflies,

they don’t know how beautiful they are.

Their lack of confidence makes them so rare, 

They are so beautiful yet they dont care.

They cannot see their own wings, 

Your too busy doubting yourself, 

Meanwhile  your enemies are threatened by your future rise.

A butterfly can never return to bieng a worm.

It is the humble who shall inherit the earth…




In Conclusion:

We become what we think about  it all begins in the mind.

to the transformation and  best version to come…



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