War Becomes Art

February 10, 2021


I have seen the bottom, now I’m ready for the top, building myself up block by block.

the war has become my art, the bullet had merely missed my heart.

the king sacrificed me, even though I had more power, after I had fought all of his battles

And when they thought the war was done.

My art began to unravel as it slowly took the pawns out one by one…

war became me inside and out  

                                                        When I let go of my anger, it turned me into a weapon 

My pain painted the perfect masterpiece, and I was the artist.


In Conclusion:

When we turn our obstacles into art we become one with the war and we let it flow through us until it becomes part of  our history each action is a page in our book. Letting go of fear is the secret weapon. What legacy will  you live imprinted in your book?






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