March 4, 2021


They want me to play the role so I will oblige, the devil was an angel once upon a time…

I use to get so high, I felt I could fly, and then I had to leave the new world because of the divide.

The orange duck became a pawn in the war of the races, the change was unpleasant

Living in this pandemic and trying to escape it , they made me into a weapon and it was God’s grace that saved me.

The Apocalypse had began and I had chosen my side.

The time has come for all good people to shine 

The demons could no longer hide, The apocalypse has arrived…

In Conclusion: 

The pure hearted will have their day, In the Apocalypse it is ordained. Stay true and strong. All your efforts are seen and you will have your victory, however be kind to yourself and remember Believe in you…

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