You Are A Star

November 4, 2020


You are the Devine, the strong, the warrior. Single mother you beautiful free spirit you are the light  and water that feeds your flowers, you heal others while healing yourself, Oh Devine mother you are the power… 


           You Are A Star

You are going to glow, no matter what they throw, they had to break you, just to make you, single mother getting that paper. Go ahead and treat me like a stranger.

Iam the Dommy opposite of mommy, I play both roles as everything unfolds, God ‘s grace turned me into a force. You were a star in my past life, and now its my turn to shine, as darkness arrives I know its my time, only then could I shine as the sky intertwines… 


Forgiveness Is Healing

These past couple of months has changed me. I have spent so much time being angry and wasting my energy  I wanted to share that forgiveness heals, it has the power to change people when you let go of your past and start living with a positive mindset, you shift that energy into making your goals and dreams a realty. I read something powerful that really made me think  “You can’t control bad things that happen in your life, but you can control how you react.”


In Conclusion:

 The power of choice manifests when we work hard and show grace that is when winning takes care of itself. The seeds we planted are there, we just have to patiently wait and watch them grow and blossom. Who will you forgive today?


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