The Rapture

October 30, 2020

Always at odds with the clock, I time traveled in the dark…

tragedies don’t break me, they shape me.

Forgiveness is my weapon that’s why my enemies cannot defeat me, in the end they cheer for me.

My revenge is non existing, my power lies in my fate, I shake the hand of my enemies as they throw me to the flames.

I rise up as the phoenix and thank them for the pain. I evolve into a force because  hatred was never my choice.

Ego is my human flaw I can be out spoken and raw.  some people find me scary,

I’m the opposite of a demon, that’s why I easily defeat them.

They see the light in my eyes that makes them question their side, the devil was an angel once upon a time…

Have you ever seen something so beautifully scary no evil dare destroy me.  I’ve faced the most wicked and brought them to tears all they needed was forgiveness without fear

that is when change becomes a choice.

Gods power is redemption after you fall…   Never the less it’s never to late to repent…

Judgement day is near, The Rapture is here…









This century is changing once more like many before and after. we lose and find our way as time becomes the only thing certain, it will out live you and I and the only thing that never dies…

Have you ever traveled to a different time?


“We die once, and we live everyday!”  Choose to be part of  the change….


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