Beautiful Disaster

June 22, 2023












She was full of promise, he was a hurricane of destruction,

all she wanted was a man to believe.

A heart full of broken promises.

no hero to heal her scars, yet she still shines in the dark.

no one could deny that she was unforgettable beauty that was discarded yet never forgotten.

She was the light and the darkness…

She was bound to sadness

 A rose full of thorns.

Her eyes two frowning stars that mark your soul, they all leave but always return…

She is the untamed beautiful disaster,

too wild to be loved and to crazy to be understood.

All he could do is love her from a far.

He was another despair to add to her scars…











­ In Conclusion:

Self love is more important that instant gratification,

It’s better to wait and find that true soul that will worship all your atributes than collect facueds of emptiness…  



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