The Blood moon

December 9, 2022








The blood moon represents a new era,

every two to three years it appears before us,

bleeding as a sacrifice in exchange to transform. 

it represents a new era, and change is coming,

every level of life comes in a storm,

It brings change when darkness falls, 

the blood of the sun merges with the moon

setting it on fire,

the view is like a work of art you can feel the intensity,

as it  pierces your heart. 

Reminding us of the sacrfice for change.

we must be empty to become whole again…

The blood moon is passion painted in the sky,

It is the omen of discipline,

A sign of change. 

that is the secret of its rare debut.

A souvenir for your soul.

The blood moon is a gift from the earth…








In Conclusion:

The earth speaks to us, if we listen with our eyes,

it gives all the signs of prophecies and evolution.

The past merges with the future.

When was the last time you saw the blood moon?

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