The Sleeping Soldier

July 27, 2023


He traveled to another realm in time,

where egos competed with fate,

Love was no longer a power

vanity ruled,

humans were toys

Slowly the traces of the ancient

forever lost in the new world.

We had become desensitized  with desire.

The buildings were shiny new

objects built over the wreckage

of what was no more.

Looking to find a soul that matched his own

The Sleeping Soldier,

The messiah of the underworld…

His prophecy was ordained, 

His father was a demon and his mother a saint,

Two forces united torn apart by hate. 

 everything he loved was destroyed in vain. 

It broke his heart it turned him insane, 

Into the darkness he became.

Driven by love, was his curse protecting the humans,

as they betrayed him.

He out lived the shadows of time,

only to see the misery of man kind.

he slept for a decade, only to awake in the present.

Betrayed by the ancient, he lurks amongst  the shadows,

destroying all of  those who followed.

His heart had endured too much betrayal, 

the only thing left was despair.

Alone he walks

sleeping in the present

The Sleeping Soldier,  

The messiah of the underworld. 

Mistaken for a demon, he saved the humans. 

Betrayed and forsaken 

Abandoned in darkness

Only war,  and destruction.

He sleeps in the present to bury the past,

As  Death becomes his righteous path…








In Conclusion: 

Love and betrayal became his war,

Losing everything he loved

Now he finds himself in a new place and time. 

while the soldier sleeps inside.

Until the day his soul awakens,

and finds something to fight for again...

They call him The Alucard.



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