January 17, 2022





I had to escape only to be free,  

everyone fades in the  dark even your shadow…

The endless road of deilulision,

Never had it in me to be a follower.

I lead from my soul because love is my choice, 

I bled for the dream when all I had to do is believe.

It was then when I mastered my thoughts,

I adapted and evolved,

My enemies made me strong.

Pain is my motivation 

  1. I take your hate and give it back to fate.­

I’m gonna make it,

always keeping my eyes on the end game.

It was more than a dream I slowly began to live it,

until it  became my reality…










In Conclusion:

Be your own secret weapon.

You cannot become if you do not believe.

Self love is more important than love.

I read  “Stay close to those who believe in your magic.”


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