I miss you and I’ve never met you

December 21, 2021






I miss you and I’ve never met you,

If our paths intertwined in a different time perhaps I could call you mine.

we are in two different worlds  apart and far.

I miss you and I’ve never met you

Is it possible to love a stranger?

you would watch me for months

the train wreck of my gypsy life 

you became my fan  and so the texts began 

I was infatuated with your sweetness more than your youth 

then the seasons changed we lived our lives, 

the texts and snaps slowly faded away…

we disappeared into the now, 

I returned to the familiar only to find myself empty

and the thought of you came to mind

I miss you and I wish I could meet you…






In Conclusion:

Technology gives us the gift of connecting with different people across the world. we live in the possibility of a fantasy but the reality is what we hide from. I say enjoy the moment until its gone there will be many more to come.


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