Into the Darkness

October 22, 2023








They destroyed something beautiful and innocent.

Another victim in the claws of the demon,

When he returned home he wasn’t the same something in him was changed.

His mind was a cage of pain,

I was robbed of my peace,

Battling my own demons,

As I try to save him,

I tried to pull him away from the darkness and ended up deeper than I ever imagined

he was broken and I was losing my mind.

Tormented by his tears,

It became enevitable,

Into the Darkness I fell…

The rage in him became my own,

drowning in anger,

my life matterd no more…

A heart that bleeds for vengeance slowly dying each day…

Fantasizing about death was my only relief.

inflicting pain on the wicked to match my grief.

Envisioning torture then beheading the demons with my sword.

Their blood painting my face with justice

I could almost taste it,

I was consumed with hatred…

Waiting for the moment to take my vengeance…

The desire to inflict pain was my mission.

I was out for blood.

How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?

When I lost my beautiful boy there was nothing left for me,

only war…

pieces of who he was overshadowed by  wrath.

They destroyed everything I loved.

They destroyed me,

they destroyed him,

The light was gone…

I was left in darkness,

so darkness I became…









In Conclusion:

To protect the innocent

You must  become fearless..

I will become 10 tímes more evil than the evil itself only to destroy it…

We are all fighting battles that no one sees…

What would you do to destroy a monster?


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