August 3, 2022








Without sacrifice there is no reward,

defend your family why thy sword,

You must manifest, 

conquer your demons and take control,

the chaos shall reign no more…

Inconsistency kills illusion, 

We become an instrument of war,

the higher the risk the greater our reward.

Time becomes an asset or a liability,

You cannot be worthy without discipline,

its is the principle of change.

Abundance comes at the right time.

A solid foundation is what builds your aspirations,

The lack of belief is what kills your dreams,

You become what you manifest,

so never give up on your dreams…

Do it for yourself, 

do it for your haters , 

Just do something other than sit there and render, 

Fight for the dream you want,

believe you have already become,

Never give up you are rare, 

You sit here and doubt yourself,

Meanwhile your enemies see the threat you bare,

In this day and time, 

Manifest what you wish to become…








In Conclusion:

We live through this journey called life we have the gift to mold our lives as wish,

It is our choice to take control of our destiny,

no matter  your circumstance no matter your pain,

it is you who holds the key to change,

make the moves and  manifest…



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