La Immortal

July 8, 2021


Her age and youth at war with its defiance.

her nightmares the memories of a past life’s torment.

She lived through many centuries to carry out the curse.

She consumed the youth of “the fallen” restoring the balance… 

 She was evil yet good somewhere in between the two.

The damned restoring the balance.

She was the rose and the thorn they bled for.

La Immortal know her story…




La  Immortal she was an old gypsy tale my grandmother use to tell me stories about. 

Many centuries ago a gypsy made a pact with a goddess. Eternal life in exchange for the gypsy woman to rob youth from

the “fallen.” With their youth taken, they grew weak and tired returning them to their innocence’s so that their souls could be saved…

The book La Immortal by Amina Yamel coming soon….



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