Romance is Dead

August 9, 2021


Romance is dead, I hate to sound vague,all that we know is simply portrayed,

vanity is the weapon used in this plague…

dark times never looked so wickedly good, misshaping chaos as lucifer exudes…

everyone on social media sending their nudes x rated, over rated with no shame.

I prefer the conquest of the game.

Everyone is vain. you can see it in their pain, 

A new era has taken place. 

Flesh is the new currency,we sell it with our soul. 

Technology holds the control we lose ourselves a little more…

We have frozen our morals as the past is replaced,

all good things come to end…   

Romance is Dead…









In Conclusion:

I challenge you to look within yourself and find what gives you true meaning.

I often find myself searching for something that dosent exsist.

I want something to feed my soul not my eyes.

If you could have love or money what would you chose?

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